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  • According to archaeological indication, rice has been grown in the world for the last 10,000 years. Rice diet are tasty, un-cloyed, easy to cook, affordable, and provides vital nutritional needs. Other than having strong nutritional sources of carbohydrates and high quality proteins, rice is rich in vitamin B complex. High quality proteins content makes an ideal nutritional intake as a staple food. General health knowledge among most of rice eating population are aware of the fact that rice has a higher utilization, digestion and absorption rate, and most importantly, amino acid content of rice is free of gluten.
  • Many nutritional experts and health aware celebrities shared their thoughts on weight loss in recent years, and they tend to eliminate starch that are found in rice diet. In fact, one of the key causes of overweight and obesity is excessive intake of refined carbohydrates. On the other hand, you can enjoy a happy weight loss process and not have to starve at all by controlling a suitable intake of calorie (rice) in combination with regular exercise.
  • People in general stereotypically mistaken rice of consisting high level of calorie. In fact, a bowl of rice carries approximately 280 kcal, which is relatively equivalent to 1.3 to 2 slices of toast, can provide a higher satiety feeling to ease people from deliberate diet control. The culprit that rice causes obesity is absolutely untrue, but a diet that lacks staple food such a rice will sure cause people to take on high level of meat consumption and virtually consumes more fat as a result. Therefore, it is even more important for weight watchers to consume a moderate amount of rice in their diet. Based on a daily diet of 1,800 kcal, each individual should consume about three bowls of rice daily.
  • Japan now has a highest rate of gluten allergy population among the Asians, and the government is promoting the “New Rice Diet Campaign,” hoping to encourage the Japanese consumers, in particularly youngsters to consume more rice in their diet. The concept of “medicine and food share the same source”, is now more commonly practiced in the Japanese culture.
  • Chinese believes that rice is able to “enhance a healthy-looking body.” From a modern scientific point of view, rice contains carbohydrates, amino acids, and proteins to provide an adequate source of energy, and that the absorption rate of proteins is the highest of all cereals. Additionally, rice also contains more than 15 different kinds of nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, minerals, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, iron, and zinc. An average person can even maintain the basic nutritional needs by merely consuming rice alone, which is the reason why rice is the primary staple food for the Chinese.
  • Although rice contains sufficient nutrients but its oil content is close to zero. When you do not consume starch during a long weight loss period, symptoms such as ketoacidosis, poor muscle strength and physical weakness will start to affect your health. So it is suggested that women should take in at least two bowls of rice; and men, three bowls of rice daily to supplement the daily source of carbohydrates, allowing you to stay healthy and slim.

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