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Rice is a key staple food for Asian and for over 3 billion population on this earth. Rice starts from a translucent form when harvested, and they can be made into a variety of staple food and gourmet presentations including rice noodles, rice hamburger and hotdog buns, rice bakery goods, rice crackers, and etc. Mili Company Limited was founded on the basis of the rice wisdom and its spirituality with a focused commitment to provide A Natural Way of Life for our customers including those with gluten intolerance.

Most importantly, rice is one of the three major types of staple food considered as gluten-free, the other two being corn and potato. The gluten free market has since 2008 became a new and hot topic for health nuts worldwide. The current key concern of global consumer health food topics is avoiding allergy issue in the digestive system.

According to Package Facts, the American general population adopting a gluten-free diet is increasingly popular. Between 2004 and 2011, the gluten free food market in the US grew at compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28%, gradually eclipsing both the low carbohydrates and non-fat diet starting in 2008. Furthermore, according to Nielsen Report on Consumer Trends, the volume of gluten-free products, which includes rice made gluten-free products, sold in the past year is up 37%.  In 2013, Spins, a US based reputable market research and consulting firm focusing on health food industry, also estimates the gluten-free market is a US$6.3 billion industry and growing, up 33% since 2009.


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