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Cooking instruction
  1. Remove the rice noodle from the pack and loosen the tightly packed rice noodle with hands.

  2. Pour water into a pot and bring it to boil on high heat. Place the loosen rice noodle in boiling water (please remember to remove the deoxidizer) and stir well

  3. Remove the cooked rice noodle from boiling water after 1 minute. Chill it in an cold water bath for 10 seconds.

  4. Preparing the mixed cold noodle: Place the cooked, chilled rice noodle on a plate and add seasoning pastes on top of the rice noodle.

  5. Preparing hot noodle soup: Place the chilled noodle in a bowl add some hot broth to turn it into soup noodle (consume it while hot to feel the firm and chewy texture of the rice noodle).

For a more indulgent meal, at Step 4 or 5, you may add shredded cucumber, cooked bean sprouts, shredded red carrot or other ingredients of your preference. Mix them well and the gluten free delicious dish is ready to be served. Additionally, rice noodle is perfect for hotpot lovers as a pack of noodle is almost equivalent to a bowl of rice, and helps to avoid gas pain. 



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