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Mili Benefits
  • Most food and nutritional experts unanimously agree that rice noodles are far more nutritious than wheat flour noodles.
  • Mili rice noodles when compare to wheat flour noodle are more digestible, low in calorie and healthy for weight control
  • Wheat flour noodles found in the market are commonly added with a variety of chemical ingredients with unknown compositions and properties to make the texture taste better, and consumers are at health risk when consumed. Mili rice noodles are made of 100% pure rice using nano-technology process, and are guaranteed free of chemical ingredients to enhance safety of the product.
  • Wheat flour noodles are not made of 100% natural ingredients, and often added with preservatives and moisture-proof agents. Rice, by nature, contains a higher moisture content level.
  • Additive-free Mili rice noodles are manufactured through a proven and matured processing nanotechnology and vacuum packed which prolongs the preservation time of rice made gluten-free noodle to six months under room temperature and one year under refrigerated temperature.
  • Due to different cooking methods, wheat flour noodles come in different thicknesses, sizes and shapes, thus generating a problem to master the cooking time. Our rice noodles can be served conveniently and quickly by merely cooking it in boiling water for one minute followed by a quick cold water bath, and can be easily flavored and be served perfectly whether is Chinese noodle soup, Japanese ramen or other Western fusion style noodle.


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