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Mili Enthusiasm

Rice cultivating, manufacturing and processing technology are important inventions of the Chinese. Rice grains provide critical nutritional needs, tastes, not greasy, easy to cook, simple to cultivate, reasonably priced and more.

In addition to the nutritional content of rice carbohydrate, rice contains high-quality protein and is also rich in vitamin B complex, minerals, and amino acid but it is gluten free. Rice is also known to provide high utilization rate, digestion, absorption of protein and is considered as the most suitable staple food for over 3 billion populations worldwide.

In recent years, local governments in Taiwan have been actively promoting a new rice culture throughout the island, hoping to reduce the impact of Western-style wheat based diet while allowing young population to get back on rice enthusiasm. In Japan, the local food fad experts found that Western diet causes obesity, so in recent years, Japanese government has repeatedly advocated "New Rice Movement", hoping to encourage Japanese, especially young consumers, to try to eat more rice.


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