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The emerging trend of gluten-free products and a new generation of health food product development in the market are bound to bring burden-free eating habits to families worldwide. Established and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Mili was founded in January 2013 as a leading provider, processor and distributor of rice made staple food and bakery goods. Mili’s fully integrated dust-free processing facility controls all quality process and was completed under the Japanese dust-free standard. Its rice noodle products passed various tainted additives and pesticides tests conducted by Super Lab Testing Center ( and in July of 2013, Mili rice noodle passed the most stringent gluten-free test at a 3 ppm conducted by a US California based gluten-free specialized laboratory, GFS Laboratories International LLC. (

Mili’s proprietary technology was developed through a technology transfer from Japan in 2012. It is commercially proven to produce 100% pure rice base staple food products. Mili’s selection of top quality Japanese Koshihikari rice supplier is based on refined texture and quality assurance of Koshihikari rice.

We work closely with our growers in Japan to select proper variety of Japanese Koshihikari rice, crop cultivation routines, and stewardship practices. The highest level of consistency, quality and functionality is our priority care for our customers. We continue this care in the product development, storage, processing and packaging to deliver the most natural, pure, additive free, and delicious rice made health food products to our customers. 


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